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On 05/19/2016
It's not a bad thing.

White Space

In today’s world, we see color everywhere. Utilizing beautiful pops of color in one’s design space has become a staple in the industry. We have all seen images fluctuating of bright green or orange kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. This colorful trend has become increasingly more popular in the average home or workspace.

 Although the use of such vibrant colors can be stunning, I like to think there is more to be said of the cool, crisp simplicity of white space. White walls, furniture, fabrics and other home essentials can be just as vibrant as other colors.

The understated brilliance of utilizing white space is part of what makes it so alluring. The clean, incisive nature of the color white can make it the most important design element in your space. In this colorful world, let us not forget that the absence of color can be as crucial as the utilization of vibrancy. 

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