EcoSense is more than a product line. It is a complex philosophy that influences everything about the way its component products are concepted, designed, manufactured and used.

One thing about our industry we know to be true: Creating beautiful products isn’t enough. Our coated fabrics have to be strong enough to endure the most hostile environments — applications that quickly destroy typical textiles. And they have to be manufactured with minimal impact on the environment, from initial manufacturing to the end-of-life repurposing.

It’s simple really. We create products that meet our clients’ most demanding applications. But we also want our children and their children to enjoy clean water, clean air and a planet that is healthy and strong and sustainable.

EcoSense Design

Without beautiful design, little else matters. It’s simply the first, most important step in the process. Beautiful design gets specified. Beautiful design lasts. Beautiful design adds joy to any space.

EcoSense Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Costa Rica has been carbon neutral since 2014. Working with Costa Rican engineers and local tradesmen, we’ve recently made significant investments in the plant to double its capacity. Today, across our entire manufacturing footprint, we continue to look for ways to increase the efficiency of our production, while also minimizing our impact on the most sensitive environments.

Clean Water and Recovery

Water, of course, is one of the world’s most valuable resources. In all of our manufacturing plants, wastewater is never disposed of through public systems. Instead, we pump our wastewater into a holding system to mediate pH and acidity levels. We distill solvents used in the manufacturing process through a filtering system before reuse. Nothing enters the public water stream.

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At the Colombia facility, 85% of post-manufacturing waste is reused to create new material. We dispose of the remaining 15% through incineration, or we sell it to third parties to create other products. Before we incinerate anything, we acquire appropriate certificates in accordance with demanding federal regulations. With the strictest concern for environmental awareness, the Costa Rica site sells packing and paper waste (tanks, boxes, release paper) to the local communities. What is left within the manufacturing pipeline is used to create new material. We recover all excess additives that enhance the flexibility of Spradling vinyl and circulate them back into manufacturing.

Recycling and Utilization

Every step of the manufacturing operation takes into account the full potential of resources. Having facilities situated near the rainforests of Costa Rica and in Colombia, Spradling monitors and conforms to applicable international environmental laws and has consistently met them in all production locations.

In Application

Maintaining our products once they are installed is critical to ensuring their full life cycle. The products we recommend for cleaning and maintaining our vinyl are 100% biodegradable. The useful life of vinyl-coated fabrics is substantially longer than any other synthetic material, and its long service-life limits the need for early replacement. Even when our products are installed in the most challenging environments, they endure beautifully, limiting demand for new raw materials and natural resources.


The long product lifecycle of vinyl fabric cuts down on the need for constant replacement. When the time does come, however, our products can be converted into other useful commodities. 100% of post-manufacture product goes to other industries.

EcoSense Connections

Sustainability isn’t a corporate initiative. It’s a culture embedded in our DNA. It’s why we pursue the hard science that led to EcoSense, our newest collection of products with no fire retardants, no phthalates, no biocides, but all the beauty and performance characteristics you expect and demand.

EcoSense is truly special, though, because of the connections it inspires through every step in the product life cycle. It’s an idea that brings like-minded people together to do more to sustain our planet and the life it supports.