For over 50 years, Spradling International Inc. has offered design and performance solutions for every application to enhance any seating environment. With products specifically engineered to meet the needs of the Automotive, Marine, Hospitality, Healthcare, Corporate Seating, Education, School Bus, Gaming and General Upholstery markets, Spradling is well established and flexible to support a diverse target market.

North America is serviced by 5 convenient warehouse locations and one freight forwarding operation. The Spradling Design and Marketing team is supported by two dedicated production facilities that process coated fabrics incorporating state-of-the-art closed-loop water and emission systems. With over 1,300 employees in seven countries worldwide committed to innovation, superior performance, and improved sustainability, Spradling International continues to meet the solution needs of its customers.


To be the preferred and most trusted resource for coated fabrics and upholstery related products in the global arena.


Enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize the full potential of our products. We promise our customers unparalleled service, exceptional quality, world-class performance, and continuous product improvement and innovative design.

We Value

Customers Understand that customers are the main purpose of our business.
Employees Acknowledge the significant contribution of every team member and their importance to the organization.
Excellence Strive for outstanding results.
Innovation Promote alternative thinking that creates value for the client and the company.
Integrity Act with transparency, honesty and commitment—ethical behavior is paramount to the company´s success.
Responsibility Assume the consequences of actions and the impact they have on customers, vendors, coworkers, the company and the planet.