Like most businesses, Spradling International, Inc. had humble beginnings with the establishment of its first warehouse location in Birmingham, Alabama in 1964. Since then, Spradling has grown significantly operating four distribution facilities in the United States and coordinating with sister warehouses in Germany, Spain, and Mexico.


In 1973, Spradling formed an alliance with Proquinal S.A., a vinyl coating facility in Bogotá, Colombia.  Since then, Proquinal has mirrored this same growth creating the need to expand their operations. The result? . . . construction of a new state-of-the-art vinyl production facility in Costa Rica.  The combination of Spradling’s intensive market research, Proquinal’s unique formulation methods and cutting-edge coating technology ensure that ever-changing market trends are always recognized.


In the mid 1990s, Spradling addressed a growing concern in the vinyl industry. Customers expect vinyl coated fabrics to withstand almost any environment, and restrict the growth of surface bacteria while still providing exceptional service life.  The development and introduction of PERMABLOK3® in 1992 did just that.  The PERMABLOK3® finishing system dramatically improves abrasion performance and provides unsurpassed antifungal protection by retarding the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, filamentous fungi, and yeast.  The finish also resists most stains and allows the vinyl surface to be easily cleaned with a solution of mild soap and water.

Similarly, Spradling recognized a need for vinyl with a softer hand and an improved textile backing.  Enter Hi-Loft²™! Since its first use in 1995, Hi-Loft²™ has achieved wild success as the most versatile textile backing in the industry, making Softside® the leader in quality Marine, Automotive, and Contract vinyl products.

Rapid growth demanded larger facilities, forcing the company to relocate twice, resulting in the construction of a new sleek and contemporary warehouse and corporate office in 1993 in the adjacent city of Pelham, Alabama.


In 2008, SILVERGUARD® Silver Ion Technology is introduced. SILVERGUARD® is a natural environmentally friendly bacteria-fighting defense that inhibits odor and stain causing bacteria. Plus, the SILVERGUARD® technology is EPA registered. Spradling vinyl treated with SILVERGUARD® has become the ideal choice for healthcare, hospitality, food service, corporate, and residential interiors.

In 2009, Spradling acquired Marine Specialties Group/Global Products Solutions, a division of G&T Industries.  Spradling and MSG have enjoyed a partnership for more than 25 years, with MSG providing marketing and distribution to the marine and recreational vehicle (RV) industries. This new division, marketed as Spradling International Marine (SIM), has created the strongest strategic alliance in the vinyl coated fabric industry, with nearly 150 years of combined experience serving the needs of marine and RV customers.

Today and the future

The company’s founder, C.G. Spradling, was a man with one mission, to create an organization that would become America’s leading source for vinyl-coated fabrics. Years later, Spradling International, Inc. continues his vision, offering quality vinyl products for nearly every application, ranging from standard upholstery vinyl, to high-end leather alternatives fit for even the most competitive seating requirements. Today, Spradling International has achieved the mission outlined so long ago and is recognized as the leader in selection, design, quality, and customer service.