Fastmount™ Panel Mounting System

SIM is the distributor in North America for Fastmount, a New Zealand company. The Fastmount Panel Mounting System is a world-wide award winning fastener claiming awards in New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and its most recent award here in the United States at the 2006 IBEX show, Innovated products – Fastener Category. Fastmount was also a METS DAME Award Finalist at the 2007 METS Fair in Amsterdam.

The Fastmount Panel Mounting System is a unique, two-part, ball and socket fastener system that is self-tapping and can be affixed to a multitude of surfaces. What makes this fastener so unique is its ability to be quickly removed and relocated each time with precision. Fastmount clips are made of durable high-grade Acetal copolymer, tough yet designed to break before damaging the substrates. With being self-tapping this makes for an easy repair – just replace the damaged clip with a new one. With these unique features, Fastmount will save you time in labor and money. We know you will be excited when you see the versatility of this innovative fastener.

*Fastmount™ is a trademark of Fastmount, Ltd.

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