AquaText™ Marine Logos were engineered to solve several widespread problems for the Marine industry in branding outdoor upholstery. There are several processes for logo application. With adhesive sealing, logos can, and often do, fall or peel off. Heat-sealing is a process that has potential to damage quality, coated fabric, which is not an option in marine seating.

So, what was the next logical step for leading innovators in the industry? Spradling recognized these challenges and set out to design an advanced logo option that would be safer and more permanent for vinyl upholstery. Many of Spradling’s products are designed to prevent things from sticking to the topcoat – hello PermaGuard®! AquaText Marine Logos work on all topcoats and are sewn directly onto the vinyl, with less stitching than monogramming logos. These silicone patches can be sewn where heat sealing can’t reach, and are inexpensive compared to regular rubber patches. Entirely customizable, the logos are also UV stable, passing 650 QUV testing. Pricing depends on quantity, size and design. The AquaText Marine Logo is the latest, inspired alternative to monogramming and heat-sealing, utilizing a technique that maintains its hold and color quality. At Spradling, we are all about finding creative solutions to universal problems.