Marine Quality Coated Fabrics and Upholstery Products OBPA free

Recently, the National Marine Manufacturers Association sent out a notice that the European Union (EU) has banned OBPA (Oxybisphonoxyarsine), a biocide processed in marine vinyl material that prevents pink staining. Spradling is proud to announce that all of our marine performance products comply with the European Biocide Product Regulation (EU 528/2012), and have done so for several years.

Our decision to move away from OBPA biocides was driven by innovation, not obligation.

Because quality and performance are top-priorities for Spradling and our customers, Spradling’s marine-grade products have been manufactured without OBPA since 2013. We saw an opportunity to improve our marine product performance by using a new, OBPA-free formulation of biocides that increases the longevity of the product by providing increased resistance to mold, mildew and pink stain. Additionally, Spradling International Marine’s portfolio of marine-grade vinyl is the only product on the market that is covered by a written warranty to support our customers in the event of pink staining.

“We changed our biocide to improve our products and maintain leadership in the performance of marine grade vinyl,” states Terry Mead, SIM Director, Sales & Marketing. “We have seen much greater resistance over time with an improved level of performance.”

It is our goal to be your most trusted resource for coated fabrics and upholstery products. For over 50 years Spradling has provided unparalleled service, exceptional quality, world-class performance, and innovative designs to our customers. So buy with confidence when you purchase our vinyl, because at Spradling International … we’ve got you covered.

Click the link below to view the official performance claim from our manufacturing company, Proquinal.

Statement of Compliance (EU 528/2012)