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On 07/24/2015
At most shows, some quirky animal always seems to show up out of nowhere and make itself known.

Showtime – A Fabric Heaven

That’s right – it was Showtime Fabric Market time again! Once a year, I get to do one of my favorite activities in the whole world. Pick out amazing fabrics!

For three days straight, I walk the aisles in the Suites at Market Square in High Point, North Carolina, and peruse beautiful, exotic fabrics. It’s so energizing! It really inspires me to create amazing interiors that are perfect for the marine industry. 

It seemed this year’s Showtime was a little different than usual, in that it felt like an extension of last year’s color direction. Indigo was a huge color last year, any shade of blue really, and it still is this season. Greys, warm or cool, still have a big presence – they were everywhere.

The Pantone color of the year was Marsala, of course! This color has staying power, for sure. I’m sure this color will be around for a few more years, too.

As for patterns that stood out, that’s a little harder to pin down. Everyone had an animal skin they were showing, and an Ikat design. Lots of geometrics, too – but that’s not unusual.

At most shows, some quirky animal always seems to show up out of nowhere and make itself known.  This year, the Flamingo is that quirky animal; and hold on to your sun visor, not just pink ones either. There were Flamingos of all colors, shapes and sizes. Believe it or not, it was just plain fun seeing them everywhere! They certainly put you in the mood for summer if you weren’t there already. 

Great textiles always have a place in this world. I can’t wait to see all these fabulous new fabrics coming into the showroom. I’m like a kid at Christmas, anticipating all the great interiors in my future. When you’re ready to start creating new and exciting interiors, let me know. We will have all the latest and greatest at your disposal.

Come join me – and have some fun!

Well, got to go. I think my fabrics are here…