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On 02/09/2013
Redefining Art in Our Society Today

Recycling Art Trends – Found Object Artist

Artists are exploring castoff materials and trash and recycling them to explore the concepts of reinvention and regeneration. The result is redefining art in our society today. International African artist, El Anatsui, uses locally made twist off liquor bottle tops and manipulates them to create pliant fabriclike sheets that resemble woven Kente cloth from Africa. From a distance it appears to be shimmery gold but upon close observation we realize they are bottle tops. El Anatsui has created a new media between sculpture and painting.

Aaron Kramer, a US artist, is also fascinated with using found objects in his art creating dialogue at the intersection between found and fabricated. Aaron uses castoff Peet coffee’s stirrers to create curvy sculptural gourds that challenge our conceptions of sculpture, materials, and recycling in our society.