Spradling Seating Solutions for Higher Education

In the ever-evolving world of Higher Education, schools are challenged to provide creative environments for learning and teaching. The market is moving toward more adaptable spaces for quiet work or active collaboration. Higher education organizations seek to keep pace with the inevitable changes while maintaining flexible, efficient spaces for students and faculty to work, study and socialize.

Many colleges and universities are now mandating the use of coated fabrics with superior performance features that provide stain-resistant, durable properties without sacrificing comfort and aesthetic appeal.

We understand the importance of a physical environment that supports these standards and fosters interactive learning.

With a commitment to design and innovation, we provide an extensive collection of coated fabric upholstery engineered to protect against the three fundamental performance issues encountered in educational environments: abrasions, stains and bacteria.

PERMAGUARD® is our sustainable barrier coating that allows the removal of the toughest stains by simply using a dry soft cloth and a 91% isopropyl alcohol solution. PERMABLOK® is engineered to create a tough, effective barrier against abrasions, scuffs and germs. PBG+® combines the technology of both PermaBlok3 and PermaGuard to provide impermeable surface protection.

These proprietary brands formulated in our comprehensive selection of prints, geo textures and rich faux leathers are ideal solutions to meet the seating demands in Higher Education.

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