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On 10/21/2016
Spradling is a platinum sponsor of InterAct 2016 and key members of Spradling/Proquinal from two continents were present at this year’s event.
Spradling International's Chuck Streich, Tobe Fitterman, and Mark Satcher enjoy meeting industry thought-leaders at the InterACT 2016 conference

INTERACT 2016: How Contract Fabric Manufacturers And Distributors Are Looking Forward

This year’s InterACT 2016 was an innovative look at a variety of issues. The Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) changes the paradigm of how our industry converses and views our business. Networking is always an important advantage as seeing your peers brings an understanding of where our common challenges and concerns lie and how innovators are pushing the envelope forward.

This event offered speakers who looked at the economics of our industry and where growth was expected. The healthcare sector continues to be a large growth area for coated fabrics.  Other speakers spoke about current thoughts on fire retardants in the US coated fabrics marketplace and the actual benefits of antimicrobials in our formulations.

Dror Vases On the design side, attendees were treated to a presentation by Dror Benshetrit, Principal of a firm known for their unconventional work by teaming traditional A&D community members with micro specialists. This co-teaming approach creates projects that blur the boundaries and vary in scale from a vase to an entire city.

Mark Strauss, President Emeritus of Interior Design Media, brought some fascinating facts on how different generations communicate in the workplace, and motivational speaker, Mike Lipkin, reminded us all how to have fun while thinking outside of the box regarding sales calls and general conversations.

Spradling is a proud platinum sponsor of InterAct 2016 and serves on noteworthy committees such as the technical committee and the education development committee. Key members of the Spradling Group from two continents were present at this year’s event. While I know each of us took away our own message, it was also an excellent way to reconnect manufacturers and distributors in a meaningful way to create enhancements for all our community members.