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On 06/12/2015
Oh, it feels like leather? Really? What kind of leather?

Friend or Faux

Faux, pronounced “” not “fox,” is an adjective from the French, literally meaning false. However, what faux really means to us these days is “fake,” and fake can be a good thing!

We sell tons of Faux Leathers at Spradling. In fact, we could call ourselves Spradling Faux Leathers if we wanted to, because all of our products are faux leathers! They are either 100% PVC (vinyl), urethane coated PVC, or pure urethane. Basically, it’s any rolled goods product that has a soft hand and feels like leather.

“Oh, it feels like leather? Really? What kind of leather?”

Good question, because there are many types of leathers in this world: full-grain (sometimes called aniline or semi-aniline), top-grain, corrected-grain or split-grain. The same goes for faux leathers; there are many types out there, and some are even softer than most leathers.

Products like our Dolce, which is Spradling’s high-end interior faux leather pattern, are very soft to the touch. So soft, in fact, they actually DON’T feel like leather – they feel BETTER THAN LEATHER. Plus, as a bonus factor, they come to you in continuous yardage on a roll, not some oddly-cut, jagged cow-hide shape. 

Several years ago I toured a five million dollar yacht during the Miami Boat Show. The tour of the vessel was given by a very nice spokesperson who was sent in a week early for training on the yacht’s features.  As she walked us through the boat, she mentioned that all the walls and ceilings were pure leather. My fellow colleagues and I had a good chuckle at that statement. We wondered, with some wall panels measuring eight to ten feet long by four feet wide, where they got such gigantic cows. Obviously, she wasn’t completely trained in leather versus faux leather. We kindly brought her up to speed on the finer aspects of real leather and faux leather.  

So remember friends, “faux” is good, and “foe,” not so much! 


Sea ya!