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On 05/29/2014
The organic shape envelops and hugs your body

Designs I love

I love mid-century modern furniture, particularly some of the iconic chairs designed and produced during that period.  My favorite is Knoll’s Saarinen Womb Chair and ottoman; it’s’ still so viable and in fact, now resonates with organic modernism that I am so keen on.  The organic shape envelops and hugs your body and simply makes you not want to leave that chair!  After you sink into it, you can’t help but relax your legs and feet on the matching ottoman; a little slice of Heaven on a daily basis—that’s what I call true luxury. I’m covering my womb chair with a wool textile that engages another sense—our sense of touch.  The wool is extremely soft and almost feels like you are sitting on your favorite cozy blanket instead of it covering you! That now brings the “comfort quotient” of the chair up to a 10 on my scale. 

I sat in the Womb Chair and another favorite, the Hans Wegner’s Wing Lounge chair a number of years ago and decided at that time that one day I would have one of these.  I opted for the Saarinen chair, because it was more attractive to me, and the sit was a little more pleasant. I put this in my open-plan living room and placed the Saarinen marble side table beside it (perfect for putting wine glasses with a cheese plate nearby),  and a modern low slung sofa covered in a wool flannel across from it. I enjoy mixing these modern furniture pieces and juxtapose, or soften, them with something wood – like my Indonesian table and chairs.

The Saarinen Womb Chair is available at DWR or any of the modern furniture websites such as Hive Modern, etc.