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On 06/30/2017
Spradling Group’s New Costa Rica Facility

Our New Costa Rica Facility We are proud of the Costa Rica facility and the value it brings to Spradling. Because of the added space and advanced systems, we can better support our customers, our workers and the local community. The Best Products The Spradling products you know and trust are all made by Proquinal SA, the manufacturing business unit of the Spradling… Read full article…

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On 12/11/2015
Nature Moves In

While all of us have been concerned personally and professionally with sustainability and environmental soundness, never has this desire been reflected more in interior finish products and visuals. In even the most clinical of spaces, for instance, healthcare design, professionals are pushing the envelope to bring more and more nature inside! Large, vinyl murals are… Read full article…

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On 08/14/2015
Education in the World of Design

As Spradling’s A&D Director, I have the wonderful opportunity to meet interior designers from around the country and in Europe. As a quick explanation of my role here, Spradling is the only mill that actively participates in the education of the A&D community by creating and offering accredited CEUs, which I help to create and… Read full article…

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On 04/03/2015
Meet Strati – A New Concept Car

During the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit, a new car company, Local Motors, unveiled its new concept car, the “Strati,” a car built by a 3-D printer! What an amazing thing to see! The Strati is a prototype model, which should be available to the public in 12-18 months.   A good… Read full article…