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On 07/15/2016
They’re GREYT!

Sounds like something Tony the Tiger would say, if he were designing interiors or coordinating boat colorways rather than peddling cereal in the factory across the street!  (Who knew Tony lived in Grand Rapids?)  You see – the color grey right now is “GREYT”! (“Great”, for those who don’t speak Tony the Tiger.)   This… Read full article…

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On 06/30/2016
Category: Fabric

Oh, how I love June – that fabulous time of year when I get to wander the halls of Suites at Market Square selecting fabrics. It’s always so intriguing to see what the new “IT” design will be.  But this time, it wasn’t a certain pattern that stood out.  It was more WHO the mill… Read full article…

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On 06/24/2016
Musings on NeoCon 2016
Category: Uncategorized

NeoCon 2016, held June 13-15 in Chicago, is a major event for manufacturers and distributors of a variety of contract FF&E products. Everything from coated fabrics and textiles to furniture systems and carpet are shown in a series of showrooms or temporary booths. Some of us have attended for many years; other attendees are often… Read full article…

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On 06/17/2016
Wood-Based Design
Category: Trends

Although utilizing wood in one’s design plan has only recently become a phenomenon, it is increasingly developing into a staple element. Wooden walls, furniture, exterior materials, flooring and even ceilings are growing in popularity and inspiring remodels across the country. Although aesthetically pleasing, wooden design elements also possess many practical qualities.  Some building materials, such as… Read full article…