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On 06/30/2017
Spradling Group’s New Costa Rica Facility

Our New Costa Rica Facility We are proud of the Costa Rica facility and the value it brings to Spradling. Because of the added space and advanced systems, we can better support our customers, our workers and the local community. The Best Products The Spradling products you know and trust are all made by Proquinal SA, the manufacturing business unit of the Spradling… Read full article…

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On 09/12/2016
Materials + Technology + Craft

Trend Union is one of the world’s leading prognosticators of all things design. I recently attended Trend Union’s NYC trend presentation. Below is an excerpt of some of the featured trends from the presentation: New Materialism & Matter—The combination of technology and handcrafting = amazing hybrid materials that merge into new concepts and forms. Marrying… Read full article…