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On 09/12/2016
The Benefits of Vinyl in Auto Upholstery

In anticipation of the Auto Care Association’s annual Upholstery and Trim International Convention in Phoenix, we’ve got automobiles on the brain. One of our best relationships in the vinyl industry is the auto upholstery business. A lot of customers understand the benefits of vinyl in auto upholstery; we’ve outlined just a few reasons why auto… Read full article…

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On 09/11/2015
From Concept to Product – With Adriana
Category: Decor, Fashion, Trends

Have you ever wondered how the designers at Spradling International became the creative, skilled individuals they are today? We wanted to give you an opportunity to learn more about our designers and their work, so we decided to interview them to get some insight into what makes them tick. Whether you are an aspiring designer,… Read full article…

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On 05/15/2015
Crafting With Vinyl

Vinyl, Faux Leather, Polyurethane. There are many names used to describe vinyl these days. But it doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s what you do with it that really matters.  I thought I would share some fresh ideas with you. I’ve seen an abundance of great projects on Etsy and Pinterest. I think I… Read full article…

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On 03/14/2015
The New Denim Trend – Colombiatex 2015

The fabric of jeans, that entered the world of fashion in the ‘40s and today constitutes a whole textile industry, was present with great force at Colombiatex 2015. As one of the leading trade shows in Colombia, this event took place in Bogotá in January. This time, the denim’s presence transcended the garment it has… Read full article…