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On 10/21/2016
Spradling International's Chuck Streich, Tobe Fitterman, and Mark Satcher enjoy meeting industry thought-leaders at the InterACT 2016 conference
INTERACT 2016: How Contract Fabric Manufacturers And Distributors Are Looking Forward

This year’s InterACT 2016 was an innovative look at a variety of issues. The Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) changes the paradigm of how our industry converses and views our business. Networking is always an important advantage as seeing your peers brings an understanding of where our common challenges and concerns lie and how innovators… Read full article…

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On 09/12/2016
Materials + Technology + Craft

Trend Union is one of the world’s leading prognosticators of all things design. I recently attended Trend Union’s NYC trend presentation. Below is an excerpt of some of the featured trends from the presentation: New Materialism & Matter—The combination of technology and handcrafting = amazing hybrid materials that merge into new concepts and forms. Marrying… Read full article…

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On 12/11/2015
Nature Moves In

While all of us have been concerned personally and professionally with sustainability and environmental soundness, never has this desire been reflected more in interior finish products and visuals. In even the most clinical of spaces, for instance, healthcare design, professionals are pushing the envelope to bring more and more nature inside! Large, vinyl murals are… Read full article…

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On 11/20/2015
The Draw of Local Markets
Category: Colors, Decor

Note from the editor: Spradling is an international company; as such, we serve people across multiple borders and languages.  In order to share a little of our company culture, we decided to do something a little different with one of our talented team members.  Adriana’s blog is written in her native language, as well as… Read full article…