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On 08/28/2015
Do you ever look at a room with wallpaper everywhere and think, what were they thinking?

Cover it up

Have you ever walked into a room where all the walls are covered in the same wallpaper or, heaven forbid, different wallpapers? If you have, you probably remember it very well. It’s that kind of experience!

Wallpaper was very fashionable in the 1960’s and 1970’s – the more the merrier. The most stylish homeowners experimented with wall designs of all kinds. Some patterns were subtle and sophisticated, while others were bold and gaudy. Almost all of them completely covered all the walls, everywhere you looked!

Do you ever look at a room with wallpaper everywhere and think, what were they thinking?

Honestly, they probably thought it looked fabulous. I mean, think about it, covering the walls was just the thing to do back then. My house had wallpaper everywhere, and my mom was pretty cool, so it couldn’t have been a bad thing.

Now if you see it you think, oh my, how long is it going to take me to get this crap off these walls?

Thank goodness trends today bring us a more soothing atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong; contract-building designers will still use wallpaper. In fact, you’ll still see complete coverage in contract buildings, but in private homes only one or two walls will showcase it. I’m speaking more to private homeowners.

Today, we can use it as a statement wall to show your style without overdoing it. I say, don’t be afraid to express yourself with a wall covering here or there in your home. It is your home and your life.

Wallpaper can allow you to have fun and make your escape from the norm, all without being too overpowering. You’re not limited to classic wallpaper; you can choose walls with three-dimensional textures, fabric coverings, wood, vinyl, or just about anything. Websites like Pinterest are loaded with DIY advice on how to achieve unique designs, how to make your personal statement, and how to indulge your imagination. 

Discover how creative you can be when you cover it up! You won’t regret it.




Photo Credits: City Farm House, Jeff Lewis Design, HGTV Designs