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On 06/30/2017
We are proud of the Costa Rica facility and the value it brings to Spradling. Because of the added space and advanced systems, we can better support our customers, our workers and the local community.

Spradling Group’s New Costa Rica Facility

Our New Costa Rica Facility

We are proud of the Costa Rica facility and the value it brings to Spradling. Because of the added space and advanced systems, we can better support our customers, our workers and the local community.

The Best Products

The Spradling products you know and trust are all made by Proquinal SA, the manufacturing business unit of the Spradling Group. Two years ago, Proquinal began a building project that doubled the capacity in its Costa Rica facility. With a team of Costa Rican engineers and local tradesmen, we were able to come up with enhanced management solutions that further set Spradling Group apart from the rest of the market. This new facility features modern and efficient storage systems and helps us serve you, our customer, better.

Are Made Using the Best Tools

Spradling International, Performance Fabrics, New Costa Rica Facility for Proquinal shows production of coated fabric in red color.The project includes high-tech, European machinery that has proven to be the most cutting-edge and efficient. Because of this, we can continue to produce the highest quality coated fabrics on the market. We expressed our respect for the planet by investing more than $1M in equipment to reduce the impact of manufacturing. In doing this, we achieved the most robust certificate of ISO 14.001, and are 100% Carbon Neutral since 2014.

By the Best People

Proquinal has had a presence in Costa Rica for over 13 years and has aided the country in many ways. Proquinal provides fiscal value by ranking 2nd in plastic exports and 22nd in total exports for Costa Rica. We believe in the Costa Ricans’ way of living and show respect for their culture. We value the public’s welfare, practice ways to protect the earth, and admire the human talent. Proquinal employs more than 400 skilled workers to sustain the daily efforts of making our coated fabrics.

Our success depends on the support we feel from a country that allows us to make constant efforts to improve. Because of this support, trust of our shareholders, and the daily efforts from our team, we can turn this big project into even bigger results.