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On 09/11/2015
I always describe design work like magic, you are always creating new things...

From Concept to Product – With Adriana

Have you ever wondered how the designers at Spradling International became the creative, skilled individuals they are today?

We wanted to give you an opportunity to learn more about our designers and their work, so we decided to interview them to get some insight into what makes them tick.

Whether you are an aspiring designer, an experienced professional or just interested in the world of coated fabrics, this interview series is intended for you. Perhaps you may glean a new perspective from our talented designers. Or maybe you will gain a greater understanding of the creative work behind the colors and patterns you see today.


An Interview With Adriana

When it comes to a career, it’s often hard to determine the moment a person decides that one thing he or she wants to pursue. For Adriana, there wasn’t one defining moment, but a compilation of many moments that led her to her passion.

“Even when I was very little, I was interested in design – especially in fashion.” Adriana explains, “My mother tells me how when I was a really little girl, I used to make accessories with buttons and thread. Then when I was a little older, I would modify my clothes with embroidery and prints.”

According to her mother, Adriana was always an observant child.

“I was always watching all around me,” she says, “people, clothes and decoration. Always trying to find the details in everything.”

Adriana grew up in Bogotá, Colombia where she attended school, eventually studying Textile and Fashion Design at Los Andes University in Bogotá.


The Job – The Magic of Design

It’s not hard to tell Adriana loves her work. She has a way of describing it that appeals to your creative side and inexplicably draws you in.

“I always describe design work like magic. You are always creating new things, not just objects, but also ideas and concepts, looking for the past, looking for the future. All your senses are awake, trying to find all these things that everybody wants, but nobody recognizes.”

In her current position, she studies design trends and stays on top of what’s going on in the world and with the people around her.

As she so eloquently puts it, “I try to interpret what’s happening in the world in the design of a fabric, an object, a garment or a space.”



Like many designers, Adriana finds inspiration in the architecture of cities, in museums, restaurants and interesting buildings.

She expounds, “Nature is my other point of inspiration, and it is interesting that there are thousands of overlaps between the forms found in the city and the ways of nature.”

Design can spark questions, and cause growth in the creative process.

Adriana says, “I hope people will find answers in my designs.”


The Product Challenge

When asked about what obstacles she faces as a designer, Adriana gives a thoughtful, insightful response.

“I think all designers, and generally all creatives, at some point in our lives discover the reality that all we design must be produced! We often end up in production processes in industries and businesses. The challenge is to achieve balance between the romanticism of creating and the industrial world.”

What she says rings true, and it’s an obstacle most creatives face on a daily basis.


Furniture Design in Image: Piergiorgio Cazzaniga