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On 02/12/2016
...the effect or mood you are trying to achieve all depends on your choices in color...

Color – Obvious or Not?

I’ve been thinking a lot about color and how we see it. All colors leave you with a feeling or emotion, whether good or bad. Color influences you every day. It can influence your mood, decisions or even opinions.

Most of the time we don’t even notice the colors surrounding us in our everyday life, or realize the impact it has. If I asked, you probably couldn’t tell me the color of the walls in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. More than likely, you wouldn’t remember the colors in your kid’s school or at stores you frequent. You probably couldn’t, and that’s usually the point.

The colors designers choose for offices or schools are usually meant to calm you. In most retail stores, they direct your focus to the merchandise. This seems easy enough to do, but I know designers who stay up at all hours of the night wrestling with finding just the right shade of yellow. The wrong color can make or break a product or atmosphere.

For instance, have you ever noticed that most places you put your money have some shade of blue in their logo? Blue conveys trust and loyalty.

A unique use of color shook things up at a prison in Arizona.

A creative sheriff made the male prisoners wear pink uniforms. The inmates viewed it as un-masculine and the sheriffs’ idea yielded an intriguing result. The color choice helped cut down on the stealing of clothes and even fighting. Don’t get me wrong, pink can be masculine. But this particular sheriff knew his inmates and used it in a different way.

In the marine world, we use color a little differently because our main walls are the water, sun and sky.

While these aren’t the most important determining factors, each background plays a role in the color selection.

You want your boat to shine on the water. To make it stand out in the best way possible. Unless you’re designing a fishing boat, in which case you want it to blend in. Either way, the effect or mood you are trying to achieve all depends on your choices in color.

Next time you’re out running errands, think about the colors you see and the feelings they tend to instill in you. You might find out something interesting about yourself and the way you take in color.