Tired of the same leather knockoffs? Seeking the best value in an alternative to leather? Then the choice is simple, the choice is Rave® from Spradling. Rave®’s dazzling palette of 25 colors brings style to any seating application, but its elegant, luxurious hand, and 100% Italian cotton backing ensure maximum performance and guaranteed satisfaction.

When you use Rave®, you know it’s going to last. Why? Because Rave comes loaded with premium additives, and is coated with our time-proven <em>PERMA<strong>BLOK3</strong></em>® top-coating system. And what’s more? Rave’s exceptional abrasion resistance ensures that your craftsmanship will endure the test of time, maintaining its elegant hand quality and stylish edge.

So why bother with imitations? Stick with Rave®, from Spradling.