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On 09/12/2016
Here are a few reasons why auto care companies choose Spradling vinyl for the interiors of their vehicles.

The Benefits of Vinyl in Auto Upholstery

In anticipation of the Auto Care Association’s annual Upholstery and Trim International Convention in Phoenix, we’ve got automobiles on the brain.

One of our best relationships in the vinyl industry is the auto upholstery business. A lot of customers understand the benefits of vinyl in auto upholstery; we’ve outlined just a few reasons why auto care companies choose Spradling vinyl for the interiors of their vehicles.

 Kid-friendly auto upholstery   

Spradling vinyl is kid-friendly.

Whether it’s ice cream, crayon, or makeup; our vinyl is easy to clean. And with protective coatings and anti-mildew properties- you can breath easier knowing that your seats don’t just look clean, they are clean.

Pet-friendly auto upholstery   

Spradling vinyl is pet-friendly.

We love taking our furry friends on adventures, but sometimes we question whether the fun is worth the certain mess we can look forward to cleaning up afterwards. Vinyl makes clean-up easy. Fur and hair can be easily wiped off, no matter how wiry it is. The protective coatings also prevent odors from lingering and protect against scratches. So worry not, and adventure on!

Weather-resistant auto upholstery 


Spradling vinyl is weather-resistant.

Weathering is a problem we all face when it comes to our car interiors. But Spradling vinyl has you covered with our patented protective coatings. They protect against color fading, cracking, and are mildew resistant.
And yes, sometimes it does rain while the sun is shining here in Pelham, Alabama 🙂


Other advantages to using vinyl for your auto interiors are:

  • Price- vinyl is a much more cost-efficient alternative to leather seating in auto upholstery
  • Style- vinyl provides the look and feel of leather upholstery but without the continual upkeep
  • Choice- our vinyl comes in a multitude of colors, textures, and patterns

Here are a few of our favorite auto interiors that use Spradling vinyl:


A classic touch from L&B Upholstery


Some beautifully-designed seats
from AutoKustoms


Loving this dual-tone interior sent
to us from Albright’s Supply!


Another delightful classic from L&B Upholstery!