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On 07/15/2016
They’re GREYT!

Sounds like something Tony the Tiger would say, if he were designing interiors or coordinating boat colorways rather than peddling cereal in the factory across the street!  (Who knew Tony lived in Grand Rapids?)  You see – the color grey right now is “GREYT”! (“Great”, for those who don’t speak Tony the Tiger.)   This… Read full article…

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On 10/02/2015
The Boring Colors

Last weekend I was patiently waiting in my silver car at a red light, when I noticed two silver cars and one white one to my right. There was also one silver car and a white truck to left. Approaching in the distance were two white vans. In my rear view mirror I noticed a… Read full article…

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On 06/12/2015
Friend or Faux
Category: Colors, Fabric, Marine, Trends

Faux, pronounced “fö” not “fox,” is an adjective from the French, literally meaning false. However, what faux really means to us these days is “fake,” and fake can be a good thing! We sell tons of Faux Leathers at Spradling. In fact, we could call ourselves Spradling Faux Leathers if we wanted to, because all of… Read full article…

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On 04/14/2015
Liquid Blue

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Ford Motor Company  prominently displayed five 2016 models – the Focus ST, the Fiesta ST, the F-150 Raptor Truck, the Shelby T350R Mustang and the GT – all in a very unique shade of blue. They have dubbed this new color “Liquid Blue.” It is… Read full article…