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On 10/17/2014
Trend Selection N.Y.
Category: Colors, Fabric, Indoor, Trends

Last September was made in New York by the Trend Selection, an event organized by Lineapelle in the USA. The fair presents new collections for 2015 in leather, textiles, synthetics and accessories for different markets like leather goods, shoes, leatherwear and upholstery. This year trends are talking about “2015 will be the International Year of… Read full article…

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On 08/08/2014
New Nature
Category: Colors, Outdoor

Nature has always served as immense inspiration for artists and designers. Created from its shapes, colors and textures are countless pieces and artifacts, full of vast creativity and promising design. Trends today speak of a new nature, which is fascinating, entertaining and revolutionary. This nature speaks for itself by exposing all its beauty and spirituality,… Read full article…

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On 06/19/2014
Modern Folk
Category: Colors, Fabric, Trends

Within the macro trends we will see for this autumn/winter of 2014/2015, one of my favorites is modern folklore. It leads us to the past by exploring different countries and cultures in a multiethnic journey, and brings us to the present in a fusion of traditions, narratives, shapes and colors. Mythological figures, patterns, icons and… Read full article…

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On 05/29/2014
New Architecture
Category: Uncategorized

The continuously evolving lifestyles, the growing population and the rapid speed at which everything moves has made the space in which man lives constantly change and emerge in new forms. New architecture and new objects make us modify our environment, our customs and even our bodies.  Increasing limited space has invoked new architecture to arise…. Read full article…