We are pleased to announce the Winners of our 2017 UTIC Football Contest – B&H Upholstery Supply!

Congratulations to Greg Howard of B&H Upholstery for picking the University of Alabama and Winning the SII / UTIC 2017 College Football Contest! For picking the final four teams that entered the NCAA football playoff,  each of the four contestants below won a $100 visa prepaid gift card:


                                George N Jackson – Georgia

                                Leo’s Upholstery Supply – Clemson

                                B&H Upholstery – Alabama

                                Pyramid Trim – Oklahoma


For picking Alabama, Greg has won a large screen television and a sound bar that we will deliver to him in the coming weeks.

Congratulations again to each of you, thank you for your support of Spradling International and we look forward to seeing you at UTIC in San Diego this fall!